Development vision of Riga

Riga — the city of opportunities.

Riga in 2030...

is an internationally recognisable Northern European metropolis. Absolute affiliation of Riga with the Northern European metropolises is grounded by life quality in the city, innovative economy, smart and resource-saving administration, and modern management combined with active participation of inhabitants.

Riga is a compact city. Riga is well-known for its distinctive atmosphere, architecture, cultural environment, city rhythm, and creative people. The city fits well within the international transport networks. A single economy of the area of the metropolis of Riga is the basis for welfare of all the inhabitants of the area, as well as it greatly contributes to the development of the entire country. Although competence of the city’s inhabitants — knowledge, skills, activity — is at the level of the most developed countries, and mobility has been perceived as a self-evident element of life, the inhabitants of Riga love their city and feel attached to it since an inhabitant is the main value of the city’s municipality; the latter is attested by the municipality in its action. The number of inhabitants in the city is growing.

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