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The development and maintenance of the database is provided by Strategic Surveilance Division of Strategic Management Board of City Development Department of Riga City Council, whose main task is to implement the monitoring and evaluation of the Strategy and Programme and study the social economical processes of the city. In order to ensure better monitoring, a database www.sus.lv was created, which includes several sections:

Goals – in this section the defined long-term strategical goals of Riga city, as well as characterising indicators and evaluation over time can be viewed
Statistics – various data and charts on Riga are available by sectors (data sources: Central Statistical Bureau, LURSOFT etc.)
Neighbourhoods – it is possible to view assessment tables and maps on the quality of life, provided by experts (for 23 service areas) by Riga neighbourhoods, as well as get acquainted with satisfaction rates of citizens on services provided by Riga City 
Researches – studies made by institutions and structural units of Riga City Council are summarized here. Part of studies are public and available in the internet, but in case if the study is not public, the institution or contact person is indicated, where the study can be found
Presentations – Presentation about Riga defining indicators in PowerpPoint format is available in this section. If you are interested in any of slides, you can copy them and use in your own presentation
Database provides significant contribution in the optimization of our work. Data about Riga are available together, already inserted in charts, and it helps to evaluate, whether Riga city moves towards the achievement of the set objectives.
We hope that this information will be useful for you.
If you have any suggestions on the improvement of database, please, don’t hesitate to inform us!
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